Poodle by Luigi Diamanti (courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net)Our goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere for our star border: your pet.

We are located on top of Paris Mountain (Route 50 in northern Virginia, about an hour from Washington DC), near the Appalachian Trail, with views of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.  Virginia has long been known for its unique warmth and hospitality, and it is our aim to extend that hospitality to the pets that mean so much to their owners.

More than just a pet boarding kennel, our bed and breakfast for pets is a thirty-one (31) indoor/outdoor-run facility for dogs with ten (10) cat studios (uniquely designed and hand-built).  We have two enclosed yards for walking the dogs. We live on-site, which means our day is longer than at most boarding kennels: the first walks begin around 5am and the last walks begin at 8pm.

We have been in business since 1996, and pride ourselves on providing outstanding care for your pets in a clean, loving environment.  Our small size allows us to be hands-on and give personal attention to each animal. All of our cat and dog kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily for the health and safety of its residents.  Our menu consists of lamb and rice for dogs and a maintenance cat food.  Special diets will be accommodated upon request (with a microwave and refrigerator available if needed). Toys, bedding and other favorite items from home are welcome. We play gentle music throughout the kennels during the day, as we've found it has a soothing effect on the animals.  Each kitty condo has 3 levels: one with a window to the outside world or a view of the aquarium in the center of the room; one with semi-privacy for eating; and one with full privacy for the litter box.

It's hard to capture in words, but we really do care for your pets as individuals -- almost like grandchildren -- and we dedicate ourselves to their comfort and happiness.  The most gratifying thing is when returning dogs come running to us, full of kisses and excitement for their visit.